Morocco 2017 – Chefchaouen

May 7, Chefchaouen, Morocco. The riad arranged a young man to escort us to the taxi point at the medina, where we take taxi to the bus station. The bus departed at 8am, and to our surprise, was not full. The journey was about 6 hours, and the road was hilly with many turnings. It […]

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Morocco 2017 – Sahara Desert

May 3-5, Sahara Desert, Morocco. A driver from Sahara Expedition arrived at our riad at 7:30am to pick us up. We arrived at the meeting point nearer to new city of Marrakech, where all travellers gathered and waited for the exciting trip to the desert. Our tour comprised of people from around the world- 2 […]

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Morocco 2017 – Marrakech

May 3, Marrakech, Morocco. We requested breakfast at 7:30am but finally showed up at 8am. It turned out Sadik the Riad Manager had been waiting for us to serve breakfast since 7:30am! The breakfast was simple but delicious, with bread, Moroccan pancakes, eggs and watermelon. After some struggling find the way, our taxi driver finally […]

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Morocco 2017 – Casablanca

May 1, Casablanca, Morocco. We arrived at Casablanca airport before 9am. The customs are easy, just that the officers seemed to purposely spend more time on each traveller┬áto make it look more strict than it was. While is baggage is arriving, we used the time to get Moroccan Dirham at the counters (1 EUR to […]

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Morocco 2017 – Preparations

It all started with a fanfare by Etihad Airways. One day, we heard from our friends that Etihad was doing a fanfare, where tickets from Hong Kong to Europe was as cheap as 400USD (as compared to normal price of around 1,000USD I guess). So we started searching for the right destination for our annual […]

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