Morocco 2017 – Marrakech

May 3, Marrakech, Morocco.

We requested breakfast at 7:30am but finally showed up at 8am. It turned out Sadik the Riad Manager had been waiting for us to serve breakfast since 7:30am! The breakfast was simple but delicious, with bread, Moroccan pancakes, eggs and watermelon.

Decent breakfast

After some struggles finding the way, our taxi driver finally got his way to the 2nd centre of Amal. Amal is a non-profit organization meaning “Hope”, which helps local Moroccan females to equip skills and eventually find jobs. We booked a cooking class for Couscous at 300 Dh per pax. Joined with us were an older couple from Canada and a young couple from Russia. We were coached by the chef and a volunteer facilitated as a translator. That was really a morning well spent. And looking back, the tagine and couscous we had this morning were the most delicious ones!

RE Camera
Fresh ingredients grown locally in Morocco
RE Camera
Chicken Tagine by Team Canada
RE Camera
Beef Tagine with Prunes by Team Russia
Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 9.14.53 PM
Couscous with Chicken by Team Hong Kong
Group photo before we go

The Russian couple was kind enough to drive us to Jardin Majorelle, where we took thousands of pictures. Then we decided to head back to riad again to escape from the heat.

Day 4 May 3 Marrakech-1.jpeg
On the Russian ride!
My favourite photo at Jardin Marjorelle

We took a long rest at the riad and skipped Ben Youssef Merdersa (which should be the No. 1 tourist spot on Trip Advisor btw). Then we headed to Libzar, a higher end restaurant in Marrakech to enjoy our dinner.

A decent restaurant at new town area

The Moroccan Salad was alright. It comprises of 16+ small dishes of vegetables. The Chicken Bastilla and Fish Tagine were awesome. It would be better if the ventilation at the restaurant could also improve a bit though.

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