Turkey 2015 – Troy and Pergamon

(We started this blog in May 2017, and now we want to try and record the things that happened in June 2015 when we were in a group tour in Turkey. Memories might not be as vivid, since we did not keep a travel journal at that time. But definitely it’s worth a try making a record anyway. Hope you enjoy.)

June 28, Troy and Pergamon, Turkey.

We started the second day in Turkey with a visit to Troy. It is a historic site with so-called 9 layers, which signifies 9 different generations/cultures that once happened here in Troy. The 6th layer was the golden time of Troy with the strongest economy and all. It was also the time where the tale of Trojan Horse happened.

A spot at the Troy city

In short, the Greeks built the Trojan Horse and arranged selected force of men inside. They pretended to sail away and that the Trojans pulled the Trojan Horse into their city as a victory trophy. At night when it was quiet, the men hidden inside the horse crept out and open the gate of the city so that the rest of the army could go into the Trojan city and destroy everything to end the war.

A replica of the Trojan Horse, mainly for photo taking

But really the site was not well preserved, so we could only catch from here and there, and try to picture how it looked like back then.

Some brick at the site
A theatre at that time

The next stop is another ancient site called Pergamon. We took a gondola ride to the top of the site. Compared to Troy, it was a lot better preserved. We all were amazed the first time seeing such a big historic site. And also the sky was all blue so everybody was really excited.

Gondola ride to Pergamon
View from the hill top of Pergamon
Look at the columns!


After walking in the ancient sites Troy and Pergamon, we were all tired but satisfied. Everybody just hopped into the bus and started our journey to next stop- Kusadasi.

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