Turkey 2015 – Ephesus and Pumukkale

(We started this blog in May 2017, and now we want to try and record the things that happened in June 2015 when we were in a group tour in Turkey. Memories might not be as vivid, since we did not keep a travel journal at that time. But definitely it’s worth a try making a record anyway. Hope you enjoy.)

June 29, Ephesus and Pumukkale, Turkey.

Ephesus was the starting point of the journey today. Compared to the other two ancient city we visited the day before, Ephesus definitely is the best-preserved one we had seen so far. You can easily find things and identify what that is. Examples include:

The first flush toilet in ancient times
The third library in ancient times

After that, we headed to one of the must-go places in Turkey- Pumukkale. It is a naturally formed tourist spot. Simply put, the whole mountain was dyed into white due to a natural chemical reaction between the spring water and the substance found inside the rocks.

The Turkish government requires visitors to enter the area with bare foot in order to protect this natural scenery. Of course, all were happy to cooperate. They actually allow people to enjoy the spring water as  they like. People brought their swimsuits and shorts to feel the water! We did not prepare that so we just dipped our feet inside the water and get a taste of it.

At night, we enjoyed our dinner at the hotel nearby. Being a hotel at Pumukkale, of course they have spring water facilities for travellers to enjoy.

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